“Woke Up This Morning Feeling Blue, Man I’ve Got Those Blue Badge Blues”

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4 thoughts on ““Woke Up This Morning Feeling Blue, Man I’ve Got Those Blue Badge Blues”

  1. Stephen

    Helpfully, UKIP decided yesterday to back up your point – http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/05/01/ukip-bus-disabled_n_3193153.html?utm_hp_ref=uk-news

    You know, a few months back I was out with my dad in the car. Now, I get out very little, so it’s not like I’ve go numerous experiences of people not being idiots about blue badges and just this one of real madness. It seems like every time I go out something happens, but this was…well.

    We’d parked in Sainsbury’s car park, which is shared with a number of other shops. As I wasn’t getting out, we were in a normal space, but I was in a good position to watch over the blue badge area which is shared with mother and child spaces.

    First off, a driver in a very large German 4×4 nearly drove into a very scruffy little Nissan. The owner was equally scruffy and was half way through a cigarette. Window comes down on the 4×4 and the woman inside starts arguing with the bloke who eventually feels compelled to produce his blue badge from the car dash to show her. She certainly rolled her eyes, and I think mouthed something before roaring off. I watched her screech around the carpark before ending up litterally 30 foot away from the other parking space. She gets out with her child.

    HER CHILD WAS A TEENAGER! Honestly, this girl was taller than her mother. No blue badges. Nothing. But she was still fed up.

    Eventually the chap with the blue badge leaves, and in sweeps a woman in another German car (saloon this time) who runs into Sainsburys with neither a child nor a blue badge. And does anyone shout at her or roll their eyes or get fed up?

    Well, of course I rolled my eyes a bit, but that doesn’t count.

    People, eh?

  2. The Goldfish

    I think it was Wheelie Catholic who introduced me to the idea of the “micro-aggression” for things like using a disabled space, or carelessly blocking disabled access and so forth and I like that phrase a lot – it sums up what is happening and how it feels. People don’t mean any harm exactly, but they know they shouldn’t do it and they choose to risk disrupting the lives of other people – sometimes quite seriously – for the sake of their petty convenience.


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