Welcome to Life in Deep Water

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Life In Deep Water


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Life in Deep Water

  1. Stephen

    Hi Gary,

    I’d missed your message on Twitter about the broadband, so I’d been wondering where you were. I’m hoping this gets to you more successfully than a tweet. Hope you’re taking care of yourself. We’re thinking of you as the end of the month approaches. Talk soon and good luck with everything.

    1. Life in Deep Water Post author

      Hi Stephen.

      Thanks for the good thoughts. They must have worked – my ESA appeal was earlier this morning and the tribunal overturned the DWP’s decision!

      I feel as if a massive black weight has been lifted out of my life. The last 6 months or so have not been easy as you know.

      I’m hoping to blog about my experiences before the weekend, in the hope that my record will be of some help to anyone going through this bloody obscene process.

      I’ve e-mailed Her Ladyship with full details.

      Cheers my friend! 🙂


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